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Our Funds

Raising capital

Strategy and initial work with the company's funds began in late spring 2022. The ambition is to raise capital for SREIG I in 2023, a fund with a focus on housing. At the same time, work is beginning on erecting SREIG II, a significantly heavier fund with a focus on community properties. The funds' planned focus is briefly presented below.


Focuses on housing in an urban environment. Through the fund, SREIG wants to develop quality housing in attractive locations, housing that at the same time leaves little impression on the climate. Developed housing environments will enrich our customers but also society at large. The fund shall be financed on the basis of fund capital combined with contributed bank capital. As a player among many others, SREIG intends to deliver a market return to the funds that contribute capital.


Focuses on major community building projects and offers adapted financial arrangements to the state, municipalities and county councils. The deal is long-term and the benefit to society is financed on the basis of pension capital and in appropriate parts contributed bank capital. Project development and management are carried out exclusively on an ongoing basis for an agreed fee. The deal must be long-term and all forms of fund fees, levers and splits will be absent. Efficient procurement, experienced project management and knowledgeable management contribute to good business for users, while there is room for a good return for investors.