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Sustainability is central

Sustainable investments

Through its investments, SREIG's funds must promote a sustainable society. This takes into account ecological, social and economic sustainability. In our facilities and properties, people should thrive and feel safe. Energy performance must be optimized and material choices carefully weighed. The outdoor environment must promote biological diversity and around our properties there must be meeting places and areas for social activity. In applicable cases, accessibility and child perspectives must be given special consideration. Renewable energy alternatives must be prioritized and projects environmentally certified where justified. Investments in real estate that are in conflict with the company's sustainability work must be excluded.

Economic sustainability

Financial sustainability means that the business is long-term, resource efficient and profitable. A long-term perspective should characterize both investments in new properties, premises and housing as management. Without economic sustainability, it is not possible to take long-term social and environmental responsibility.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability is about taking social responsibility for how the business affects people in and around the properties. It is about helping to develop a society that puts people at the center and helping to create the conditions for good health, a good life and to reduce unfair differences. For us, social sustainability is about commitment to the places we are in and to the tenants, customers, visitors and residents who are in these places. Social sustainability means protecting all employees in SREIG, making demands on suppliers and partners and safeguarding good working and delivery conditions.

Ecological sustainability

Environmental / ecological sustainability is about minimizing the environmental impact of new and existing properties, premises and homes. Ecological sustainability for us is to have a low environmental impact in new production, low emissions from management and transport to properties, and that the properties are energy efficient and have a low energy consumption. For us, ecological sustainability is also about managing climate risks and working to prevent damage from floods, cold, heat and heavy rainfall.

SREIGs hållbarhetsstrategi kopplar samman med de globala målen

SREIGs hållbarhetsstrategi kopplar samman med de globala målen

SREIGs will have a completely carbon-neutral property portfolio without climate compensation by 2030. This applies to both emissions from construction processes and the operation of the company's properties.

- Joakim Nordlander, SREIG