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Four important segments

Segments in which the company operates

Many larger cities are growing rapidly and face a number of challenges. SREIG meets needs that arise from long-term, structural and demographic trends by creating customer-oriented real estate solutions. We want to solve our customers' needs and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable and vibrant society. We believe in the combination of a commercial offering close to communication and the workplace. Development takes place where people thrive and this requires close cooperation between all stakeholders, both in the private and public sector. Together, we create value for everyone while keeping the climate footprint down. Through this, SREG operates in several sectors:


The need for housing continues to increase and several Nordic cities aim to become carbon neutral. Demand for sustainable properties is high. The company therefore develops quality sustainable housing with a focus on Sweden's larger regions, housing environments that are enriching for residents, customers and society at large. In our homes, people must feel privileged and safe, at the same time as rental levels must be adapted to the country's middle-income earners or to students and pensioners, if applicable. Energy performance must be optimized and materials selected with high quality for a long service life. In the area around our properties, there must be meeting places and areas for social activity. The child perspective must be given special consideration.


Community properties

A growing population has led to an increasing need for community properties in Sweden. Going forward, the number of people over the age of 80 in particular is expected to grow sharply, and already now almost half of the Swedish municipalities report a shortage of elderly housing. In combination with an already aging property portfolio, the need for community properties is obvious.  

We within the company have extensive experience of community properties and work closely with municipalities, county councils and private actors in both the development and management of community properties. Our primary focus is on sports, schools and care facilities. Regardless of the type of property, our starting point is to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of those who will live and work or otherwise stay on the premises. The environments must be designed to promote well-being and peace and with a high standard of welfare technology. 

Industry and energy

A global cross-border commitment to achieving fossil-free energy use has accelerated the development of renewable energy sources also in our part of the world, leading to the need for major investments. As the awareness of the population increases, the development will go even faster. SREIG has the expertise to run major energy development projects and wants to contribute to the development of renewable alternatives through investments.



For our office properties, flexibility is a key factor. The company chooses building systems that can easily transform office solutions for differentiated needs. In conveniently located office properties, we not only create efficient workspaces, but focus on developing full-service solutions. Common areas are designed here, such as reception, lunch rooms and WC groups in close proximity to printer rooms and meeting rooms. In the immediate vicinity there are also cafés and modern accommodation. To support companies in constant development, we have flexible solutions to quickly scale up or down activity as needed. We also strive to build in flexible technical solutions that are easily adapted to changing customer needs.